Namibia Currency

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Namibia Currency

Useful and important information when travelling to Namibia

What is Namibia's Currency called?

Namibia's currency is the Namibian Dollar and is in banknote denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Namibian Dollars. The subunit of a Namibian Dollar is cents. N$1 = 100 cents. Coins are produced in denominations of 5, 10, 50 Cents and 1, 5, 10 Namibian Dollars.

Namibian Dollar Currency Code: NAD or N$

"N$" - This is the symbol you'll see alongside (some) prices / rates

Both Namibian and South African currencies are linked which means the Namibian dollar is equal to the South African Rand, ie: N$ 1 = ZAR 1 (the exchange rate is fixed). Only the Rand is still legal tender so travellers from South Africa can use Rands to purchase goods and services in Namibia. However, Namibian dollars cannot be used in South Africa.

Credit Cards & ATMS:

Travellers to Namibia can quite easily convert foreign currency and traveller's cheques into NAD or ZAR at bureaux de change and commercial banks in main towns & cities (Windhoek's main airport Hosea Kutako International Airport does have a currency-exchange facility). Major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club cards are accepted by most hotels, restaurants, retail outlets & tour operators, and can be used to draw money out of ATMs found in Namibia's larger towns & cities. If you are travelling to a rural or remote location in Namibia then keep in mind that some shops and fuel stations can only accept cash, and may not have any ATMS to draw money out of - therefore cash in hand is very important. Note: Diners Club or American Express credit cards aren't accepted by a lot businesses in Namibia therefore we suggest you try take Visa and / or MasterCard if possible.

Most filling / gas stations DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARD therefore make sure you draw enough cash to pay for fuel.

Commercial Banks:

There are 11 commercial banks in Namibia:

  • Absa Bank Limited
  • Banco Privado Atl├íntico Namibia
  • Bank BIC Namibia Limited
  • Bank Windhoek Limited
  • EBank Limited
  • First National Bank Namibia
  • Letshego Bank Namibia
  • Nedbank Namibia Limited
  • SME Bank Namibia Limited
  • Standard Bank Namibia
  • Trustco Bank Namibia

Banking Hours:

This may vary depending on the bank but operating hours are generally from:

09:00am → 3:30pm from Monday - Friday
08:30am → 11:00am on Saturdays.

Cash in Hand:

When travelling to Namibia via vehicle, make sure you carry a sufficient amount of cash in Namibia's local currency for border fees because not all border posts accept credit cards nor have the facilities to do an electronic transaction as such. Most border posts accept currencies from the country you're entering from however kindly contact the border authorities directly to confirm.

Namibia Exchange Rate Calculator:

Terms & Conditions: cannot be held liable for any change in exchange rates and information above.

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